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It’s been five years since I first wrote about this topic and going swimming with your kids, but I continue to receive emails and comments about that post. I decided it was time to revisit why I believe we women should wear a swimsuit – with some new and old thoughts.
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It’s been five years since I first wrote about this topic and going swimming with your kids, but I continue to receive emails and comments about that post. I decided it was time to revisit why I believe we women should wear a swimsuit – with some new and old thoughts.

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Retrieved March 4, Archived from the original on April 12, Retrieved March 9, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved March 8, Retrieved March 3, Retrieved May 3, Kendall Jenner, It Girl". I am now more than that after two littles. Every other year this being one I make excuses to not go to the pool with my girls. I want to join a pool where no one knows me. All that to say, I am going to stop making excuses despite my size, and play!!

I wish I could fall in love with my body. I am unhealthy and saggy. I have tried to lose weight to feel better and more energetic, but after 11 months, nothing changed but my clothes size. I was happy about that, but I felt more tired and everything hurt more.

I cannot find a swimsuit that works for me anywhere. I remember the rare occasions my estranged mother took me to the pool, and I remember seeing how thin I was, and how unhealthy she was, and being embarrassed. I would she mothers of healthy weights having fun with their kids, and my mother dogging them for being so skinny. She has tried dieting, but never stayed on any for a long enough amount of time.

I am taller than her, so my weight looks only slightly more proportional on me. Dieting is hard for me, with all the food allergies that I have, but I do try with what I can eat. My husband is turned off by them, as well. He thinks no scars and no freckles is perfect skin…yet he has freckles, maybe even more than me. I know, he needs to change his way of thinking about some things. I know that probably sounds mean, but when you are a skinny child with a big mother and get called fat because 1 your mother is fat, and 2 lbs.

I wanted my mother to lose weight so she would be happy and healthy…for herself, not just the rest of us. Thankfully, I divorced him 4 years ago, or I might be lbs. But while i will not be doing as the writer says, I admire her. I have struggled with body image my whole life, in one way or another. Second, I wanted to mention that this phrase applied to me for a long time: I know that is true for me.

I highly recommend as much natural food as you can stand, for energy. I still struggle with this every day. Know that you are not alone, and that you are amazing.

Lilly-I was reading these posts and yours hit me very hard. I am worried that you are not accepting of yourself the good and no so good. You almost sound like you are just thankful that he married you. Abuse comes in many forms. You need to talk to someone. You deserve to be be treated well and loved for who you are and not how you look. All people have insecurities, even supermodels, but yours seem to have taken you down a path of self hate and emotional distress.

It was the sentence about how your husband feels about your looks that really hurt me. How dare hesay such cruel things to the lady he married. I am not skinny, have RA, ADD and am hypo m and can be an emotional wreck at times too, yet I found a man that was 11 years younger, in great shape that loved me for who I am and how I look we are married 10 years now.

Trust me he is no saint and I datedva bunch of losers before he chased me down. And at times I worry thatvhe gave up so much to marry me and he tells me he gave up nothing and gained everything. You have alot to offer any onevshould be grateful for you. Well, so be it. I shall allow my body to do all of the wonderful things it can do swim, run, dive, relax, play PLUS not worry about what others think.

I shall run alongside my children, and be happy and thankful that I am healthy, and that I have another golden Tahoe summer to enjoy with them, PLUS refuse to feel self conscious.

I just ordered a ton of stuff to try and saved the site to favorites. What a beautiful post! Love your message and hope that many more moms take it to heart. Nothing is worth missing out on memories made with our littles.

Beautiful post, and such a great reminder not to let our hang-ups get in the way of making memories with our kids. It applies to housework as well. A soft body is comforting to a child! And the skinny mom is probably envious of something else about somebody! I hope this post inspires more moms to get out that suit and have some fun with the kids.

I love love love this post! Yesterday my kids wanted to play in the sprinkler. So like usual, I got them all ready and lotions up then I put my swimsuit on and covered back up with a shirt and shorts.

I say at our picnic table in the backyard watching them run around in the water. Thank you for this post. Also, you look super fabulous in that swimsuit! This came at just the right time! And I wore a swimsuit. And I swam in the Gulf of Mexico and had fun with my family.

But I decided not to miss any more fun with them. The kids were so excited for me to be out there with them! I read this post years ago and it has always stuck with me. I shared on Facebook. Very inspiring to someone who always wants to lose 15 pounds and has 2 kids. Off to share this now! Thank you so much for reminding me what is important!!! I have a 3 year old and am 10 weeks pregnant.

My pregnancy with my 3 year old tore apart my cute little bikini body. I love that little boy more than anything and I love each stretch mark that made him! I am going to the beach next month, and I have been so afraid to put that suit on. Thank you for this post! I am going to print it and take it with me when I go! So much truth and beauty in this post and I agree that hearing kids squealing in delight at the pool or ocean is such a joyful soundtrack to summer.

Insecurities surely impact non-mothers as well and all women should be encouraged to not be defined by the physical! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you thank you thank you! I wish more women took this approach to life!

Thank you for your wonderful story! I, personally, do not have children. And two years ago, after years of abusing my joints with dance, I injured my ankle quite severely. It took rehab, surgery, and more rehab to get back to just walking normally. And in that time, 50lbs showed up on my doorstep.

But, I still put on that suit. And on a happy note, I have started dancing again. I love this post, but can I add that this also goes the same for very thin women, not just overweight. I am a size 1 due to a terrible, uncurable stomach disease. Most days I spend in pain wishing I could eat and be normal. I used to be a size 8 and I loved my body then. I would give anything to have that body back again. Thank you for this post, I will embrace my thin figure and enjoy my summer with my kids instead of being worried to offend another mom who is larger than I am.

I wish I had read this years ago.. Take it from a mom who lost great opportunities … Go far it. You are defined in your household by your mothers heart.. Thank you for your inspiration even to grandmas! Thank you so much for posting this. I have been trying to do better about getting in photos as well.

Our kiddos are going to want photos of us one day, so we need to not shy away from the camera! I love how you make a change for good.

Good for you though, if you feel ok with it. BTW…I still run and play in the water with my kids…. I am with you! I have given birth to 4 of our 7 children, and I weigh over lbs. My husband is a Marine who has been out of the Corps for almost 15 years now, but he is a big health nut and is constantly telling me that I would feel better and be more energetic if I lost weight I did lose weight, and felt no different than I do now.

I will not be putting on a bathing suit anytime soon. IF I do get invited to swim, I will be fully clothed…jeans and t-shirt! Wear a cover up! Amazon has some really great, inexpensive dress-like cover ups that are thin and should dry quickly after getting wet! Much more than the Photoshopped Phonies or TV showoffs. What really helps me is our son.

Just came across this and loved your outlook. Now I enjoy it with my granddaughter. This has me in tears. Thank you so much for the much needed reminder. Well over lbs. I was the one with the mom who would not go in. I spent summers at the beach wishing my mom would let go of her fears and enter in. I have a wonderful mother, but we did miss out on a lot of memories.

Thanks for posting this. The thought of putting on a bathing suit brings me to tears. My kids are a little older but I understand where you are coming from. Thanks for sharing these words today. I have told my wife the same thing, but I sent her this link to show how many others ago.

She is a beautiful woman that is still trying to reach her post-baby weight goals…and that is ok, but it makes me sad when she covers and hides herself. And as a Mama with extra baby weight.. Then I got breast cancer at the same time my beloved brother-in-law who was VERY fit got stomach cancer. We vowed to fight together. I noticed how much his grieving family treasured there photos of him in the following months, and it changed me.

Now I photo bomb every time I get the chance. Think about THAT first. How do YOU want to be remembered? Jessica, I love this post so much. Two weeks ago, I spent 4 days on Coronado Island with 3 lifelong friends as we celebrated turning 50 this year. I packed my 2 year old suit which I had never worn. I also packed a cover-up. The first day we raced from our hotel and headed to the pool.

I admit that I was glad to have a cover-up. But slowly over those 3 days full of shared experiences and heartfelt conversations, I shed the cover-up. Because assembled there were friends…one who faced breast cancer the year before and was approaching her reconstruction the next month, two who lost their fathers within weeks of one another and another a mother to dementia.

There was a lot of loss between the 4 of us but there was a lot of joy as well. How could we not bare our souls and be afraid to show our bodies due to fear of not measuring up? I left that time free in so many ways. I know your post will give other women to set themselves free from comparisons and feeling less than God made them to be.

Thank you for this excellent article. My favorite place in the world is the beach, and the public pool in our northeast Colorado home town. Now that my beloved husband is passed, I am the only parent to be able to play with them in the water, and I love it. Thank you for the excellent reminder. My very smart friend Nora told me one time how great it was that I put on a swimsuit and swim with my boys. While this whole article hit home….

I have a little boy and I want him to have realistic expectations of women. Thank you for this. I JUST gave some of my girlfriends a speech similar to this a couple of weeks ago as they critiqued how they looked in pictures. Fantastic post and I hope many women put their suits back on because of it! Before kids i was lbs and since the birth of my 2nd 6. I read this article when you first wrote it and it changed my perspective and summers forever! Today I even dove off the diving board thanks to you…and it was FUN!

Sincere thanks from my family! I love this article. Beauty comes in so many forms. To me seeing the pic of you playing with your kids exudes joy and true beauty. We are headed to the beach tomorrow and this made me cry tonight as I read. I have struggled with putting on a swimsuit and going into the water my entire life. I love to swim but have steered away from it more and more since I was a teenager because of my own body image issues. I bought a bathing suit today because this year I will not sit and watch while the rest of my family enjoys the ocean without me.

While I may be overweight and out of shape my kids will still call me mom no matter what. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Time to hit the beach!! Life is way too short to worry about what you look like in a swimsuit and not go out in the water and have fun with your kids. Your kids are only little once, enjoy them while you can and go down those water slides dive in with them and splash them! Have fun life is all about having fun! This is a VERY encouraging post..

I have 3 children who are our whole world! This post is SO great, Jessica! I sit here in my hotel room at a spot not too terribly far from where you were in April. I did it today! Just jiggled all over the beach in my swimsuit with my boy and loved every minute!!! I have never had a thigh gap but have always had an athletic build that, as a teenager I was ashamed of. Only after becoming a mother did I have confidence in how awesome my body is. Two beautiful, big babies later and one more on the way, my body is definitely softer than ever, but very strong.

I was a swimmer as a kid and never have been ashamed of being in a swim suit, but this post struck me in a different way. As I read about splashing in the water I could feel my lip curl a little. My problem is that I have forgotten how to have fun IN the pool. But my kids love when my husband gets in and runs around with them, with reckless abandon. This is hands down tge best post ive ever read! Donning a swimming costume and taking my kids to tge pool this summer for sure!!!

I have a pic of me and I could swear the backdrops looks identical. Thank you for writing this. Before them, people said the same thing about me. And now I have become the sad mom you write about on the sidelines. And truly, it is sad. It is hard, and maybe even a bit embarrassing to admit out loud how much of my self esteem relied on the positive feedback I received from other people.

Being tall and thin was part of my identity. When I went to the beach before, I could feel people looking and I could feel their approval. No one disapproves now. Just no one looks. Now I have to rebuild confidence and create a new part of my identity in this stage if life based solely off of me, and of course my sons.

Identifying as a mom has been easy, but learning to live as someone who looks like they should lay off the cheesecake has not. Learning to love myself-outside packaging included-with or without the love of others is a task even larger than my pile of laundry. Anyway, it is nice, and often necessary, to have a reminder that life is less about watching and more about living. Especially with those that I love far more than a 24 inch waist. I feel like I could have written your whole paragraph.

Since having my 2 children I have had difficulty taking off the weight. But I still put on my bathing suit and enjoy my time with my kids. Thank you soooo much for this amazingly encouraging post! I have two teenage daughters and an 14 month old baby girl and have really found myself struggling not only with bathing suits but clothes in general since the warmer weather hit this year. Last summer I figured I had just given birth and did not worry about how I looked, but now 14 months later I feel I should have lost more Than I have.

You will be glad you did:. Also available in plus size: I loved reading your post. You left off dressing up with your kids in public…. Do not let the expectations of others steal your life and happiness. Teach your kids to be happy…. And I too put on a swimsuit and run into the ocean with them. I am too busy having fun! I have extra baggage and I struggled with getting a bathing suit. My daughter is 15 months old. Do I get into my bathing suit?

I go to the pool and we swim together. We go to the splash parks and run in the splash pad. She giggles and splashes, and we have the best time ever. But it is for my daughter. After a few mins I forget the stares and watch how happy she is. She is my daughter, and she is beautiful! I tell her that everyday. This is a wonderful post and one I will be sharing! My mom was overweight growing up but she taught swim lessons, so she was always in a swim suit.

I never remember hearing ill words about my mom or anyone one else. What I DID hear was how awesome it was that mom was in the water playing with her kids! When I see scars, yup, I wonder there too. What happened and I am so happy to see them out here, living life, enjoying life….

As far as the rest of us…. I am too worried about falling out of my suit then worrying about you and yours. I have far from a perfect body but I still wear a 2 piece.

I am a mom of two and my husbands work schedule is erratic at best. I also work part time. To top it off, I have MS. I overheat at the drop of a hat in a one piece bathing suit, I have found, that they are hot! Granted, I stay in the water as much as I can to stay cool, but I get soooooo tired so fast and easily that I have to get out so often. I wear a two piece so I can stay cool enough on the beach to enjoy more with my kids.

Confidence and enjoying what you have today is the most attractive trait out there! My husband told me that years ago when we were dating. I love your story and totally agree! I am 56 and went on a weeks vacation with my two girlfriends from high school. The vacation was a blast. There were all kinds of bodies and ages of bodies and everyone looked great. I know this struggle goes beyond the beach. It is everywhere in this culture. I respect your honesty.

I pray we both have strength to stand on truth and take little steps toward freedom. However that may look. You are right—life is for living! You looked pretty in your brightly colored swimsuit. The smile is priceless! I prayed and prayed for God to bless me with a baby. After 19 years of infertility, my husband and I found out I was pregnant. She loves being with me and I love making memories with her.

I love everything about this. This was so powerful! Thank you for the eloquent reminder that we mass out on too much life by worrying about what others think of us. Amen, sisters, put on the suit, swing on the swing, ride the bike…make memories. I guarantee when you are gone your kids will relive the wonderful times over and over again and never once think about what you looked like.

Seize the day, life is too short not to. I love swimming too much to avoid putting on my swimsuit, so I always did. But I understand the hesitency. I am a mom of 4, mother-in-law of 2 and a grandma of 4 and another one on the way. I love my family and love to spend time with them at the lake or the pool. Just reading your post has given me courage to just go and play with the grandkids at the water and not care about any other peoples thoughts!

From, One Happy Grandma!! I love seeing all the discussions about this post. Both of my girls started swimming lessons at 3 months old so and I went with my very postpartum body. I have found that wearing a swim shirt takes away all of my self consciousness. I want to be the mom in the pool with them. And I cheer on all of your moms today too. Confessing that I am still working through this issue. Seven births, four c-sections later there are sags, bags, clumps, bumps, and veins galore.

My legs resemble a map more than skin. Add to that years of despising my appearance and well, yes, I am still working up to the place you are. I do want to create happy memories for my children and be a positive image of a woman beautiful from the inside out. I absolutely love this article-such a refreshing read!

My husband and I have lived in Europe for almost 3 years and I am so inspired by the women who go to the beach in their bathing suits… no matter their weight or age.

Life is too short to not enjoy it! Jessica, your husbands response to you in your bathing suit chocked me up and you do radiate beauty my sister! But tragically, it makes me sad to think that many, many wives will never hear those words. I love the truth spoken here. Not our own shaming eyes. His eyes have the power to define us. I would sadly guess this is a struggle not just in failing marriages but in some good marriages as well.

So, if I may offer a thought to those sisters. Your husbands wandering eyes do not define you. He may or may not love you fiercely but it pierces something deeply in our souls. Please know, his wandering eyes cannot steal your true beauty. The one who sees your every thought, struggle, sacrifice and sin.

And His love and eyes never wander or waver. If kids learned when they are small that skin sags and tummies bag as we get older maybe they would have a more realistic understanding of the aging process!

Thanks so much for posting this. Really powerful and inspiring. This morning I sat on the sidelines at the pool, but not because of my suit I was wearing it — the water was just too chilly for this wimpy mama! I did finally manage to sit on the top step. Here is the one I ordered, but I imagine there are lots of companies that make them: I threw it on over my regular bathing suit top and enjoyed not having to put on sunscreen — but it would help with not worrying about how you look, either!

Go find a bunch of 50 year old women and ask them! Anyway, just pointing that out! Thank you so much for this post!! I am so encouraged by your words!

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. Nearly everyday, I put on a maternity suit cringing on the inside, but smiling on the outside and take my kids to the pool. I get in and swim and splash and catch my littlest as she jumps off the side. We laugh, and have a wonderful time. What they will remember is me, being there with them! And by the way, you look beautiful in these photos! May you make many more wonderful memories!!

Thank you for this reminder!! I try to think this way every time I take my kids to the beach, the water park, or the backyard.

We are only here for a short time, the kids are little for an even shorter time. I want them to remember me being crazy fun — not as someone self-conscious or unhappy with the things that matter the least! At least not visibly.

Sometimes she just wears a sportsbra and still does the shirt and shorts. Which I think is fine. Thanks for you great and timely message. More than a year ago, while on vacation with my family to visit the Mouse I had an experience that has taken a long time to come to terms with. In the evening after a long hot day having fun with my family, relaxing in the hotel hot tub sounded heavenly. My kids had begged me all day to join them down at the pool. So I put on my swim suit slunk down under the cover of darkness to the pool to join the family.

I got into the hot tub and was soon joined by several early somethings — two boys and a girl. The boys were doing what boys do vying for the girls attention. I have had a tough time getting into a swim suit since then. I can always find some excuse to not fully participate. This summer I vow to push that unfortunate incident into the gone but not forgotten past, fully participate with my 3 kids who are growing up to fast and let that moment in time help me be a more compassionate person.

Life is too short and too good to waste. I needed to read this right at this moment. Always opting out to take the photo rather than in it. Sitting back to watch the bags or spot. Instead of making those memories that you mentioned. I have missed out in two years of memories. So thank you for posting this and giving me a new outlook again.

My insecurities have been a wall between my kids and hubby. Oh, I envy you with every fiber of my being. I was thinner when my children were young, but of course, no one would have ever thought I was model material — but we went to the beach and the water parks and I wore a swimsuit.

I cannot ever get those days back. My family loves me — I wish I had realized it so many years ago and had enjoyed all of those days of their lives. You know the best part about this post? I love the joy on the faces, and the fact that you are practicing what you preach. I applaud and love this!! Leaving for the beach with my 5 kids in a week…. They love me for me! I am years-old, pounds, and never gave birth to a child but am fortunate to have two wonderful children and three wonderful grandchildren from my second marriage.

I was very overweight as a child, and I will never forget how much it hurt when I was laughed at for my size. To this day, I dread the thought of wearing a bathing suit on a beach or at a pool.

Thank you so much for writing this article. I plan to remember what matters most…having lots of fun in the water with my grandkids!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I came to this realization the summer my son was two. When I got back to our hotel, my hubby had to hold me while I cried buckets, and I realized that what bothered me the most was not being able to go swimming with my son.

I had an amazing mom, but she almost never went swimming with me…and that was precious time with her that I missed out on. I now own a bathing suit that fits. I have always tried to be brave and not let others, and my own, criticism keep me from making great memories with my kids. However an earlier post mentioned being in pictures with your kids.

I do tend to she away from unflattering or possibly unflattering photos. This post made me think of what comfort pictures of my own mother brought me when we lost her three years ago when I was 35 and my daughter was a newborn.

We are blessed to live in an age to have this technological memory box. When I see my mothers pictures I do not see whether she was heavy or thin. She did fluctuate through the years as many of us do. I only see the woman that was and is so dear to my life for far too few years. I also have a way of sharing memories of her with her granddaughter.

I need to let this fear go for the love of my children and future grandchildren. Besides, love is what makes us truly beautiful, not our figures. I have 3 kids and my body has absolutley changed.

No matter how I see myself, I talk a different story to my kids. I told him they were my love marks because when I was pregnant with them, my love grew and grew because of that, it left a permanent reminder for me to always cherish.

Who cares about stretch marks, cellulite, extra skin, etc. God gave me 3 precious angels. They are the only 3 people that heard my heartbeat from the inside, that kicked, flipped, made my body change in the strangest ways, but above all, He gave me 3 healthy kids.

My parents took us kids to the beach every summer. They both wore their suits and all of us kids were thrilled when they came in with us. It is probably my best memory of feeling loved by my parents. The day was about us, kids, parents and them as a couple and I loved it all. I cannonball, run off the diving board, do handstands and flips with my soft, pudgy mom-body!!

And guess whose mom the kids want to take them to the pool? Not my bikini-ready friend who lays out. Something that does not resemble anything in my lingerie drawer.

Sis, I wear board shorts when I kayak, or float. That has helped tremendously with my comfort in the water. Have you tried Lane Bryant? I love their clothes. I just turned the big 6. But reading your post made me remember with a big smile holding the hands of my 3- and 4-year-old grandkiddos as we played in the ocean the other week. I may not look hot, but we sure had fun! Thank you for writing this post.

We ALL need to silence the inner voice of negativity. What bothers me the most is that the majority of the ridicule that causes our swim suit anxiety disorders come from other women! We MUST stop belittling one another and start empowering each other instead. Thank you for helping remember to just enjoy every moment with my kids! Or you could just stop eating cookies and lose weight. Why is being fat becoming an accepted thing?

First of all, Jessica is NOT fat, by any stretch of the imagination. This is exactly the sort of caustic, rude, judgmental, ridiculous comment that can keep many of us normal-sized women from wanting to put on a bathing suit. I work out just about every day. I decided about a year ago it just. We should all absolutely take the best care of ourselves we can.

But frankly, comments like yours are neither valid, nor helpful. I was 46 when our 7th child was born. Now, she is nearly And I so treasure the times that I do it! And at times like those at the beach or the pool, I choose to let that delight trump everything else! I wear a one piece with no cover up and get laughed at all the time. My children and I go swimming at least four times a week. Last yr my son and I dove off parallel diving boards together, danced pool side when our favorite songs came on, and just enjoyed our days together.

I can care less about how I make people feel when I wear my swimsuit, i only care that my children will remember how fun their mom was. I feel sorry for those women who sit on the side lines and dont enjoy their time because they allow cellulite define them. I imagine there are SOME women that you inspire. Maybe they homeschool or work out of their home but it is lived in and messy. You always feel welcome there.

You remind me of a very warm and hospitable hostess. Just have fun with your children in and out of the water because you, like me, will be sixty something in the blink of an eye. I cannot imagine just letting my kids have all the fun themselves! I care that my kids think that it is super fun to have mommy swimming with them. Sometimes I play with them too and other times I just want to yell-come play with your kids! I miss way too much of it during the school year!

I only wish my husband would hear this message-he constantly misses out because he is insecure about how he looks yet he weighs less than me! LOL and the kids really do love it when he comes along. Thank you thank you for this inspiring article!

Bating suit season has been my personal battle every year but after reading this, no more. From now on I will looking forward to summer and will wear my bathing suit proudly. Contrary to you I am not a young mother. As a mother of a 29 and 26 year old girls and turning 60 next year, my body is also the story of my life. Every curve and line is part of me and I should be proud of everyone of them! The softness of my body should not be frowned on but celebrated!

Again thank you for your article today it made not only my day but a changing one. I really needed to hear this. It made me cry. I plan on doing this next weekend. That just boggles my mind! People are so judgmental and as long a we allow their opinions to limit us we will always be trapped into thinking there are certain things we can and cannot do due to our body shapes and sizes.

Women need to take back their lives and embrace the body they have and stop waiting to live until they have the body they want or the body they think society thinks they should have! I have a very difficult time finding a swimsuit to fit me properly. I am not well endowed despite the extra 50 lbs so the tops never fit like they should. Why do all designers think that over weight women have large breasts? I am more comfortable and can enjoy myself without flashing anyone or worrying about my rolls being over exposed!

I love this because I have been on both sides of the equation. I had my 3 children in a space of four years, and remained 20 lbs overweight for several years. I alway wore my suit to the beach or pool, but was a bit self conscious just the same. Some women were telling me how great I looked — while I was feeling awful, weak and skeletal. I would have given anything to have those extra 20 lbs back. I am now on a daily regimenof drugs and have adjusted my diet.

I have to stay between and lbs, so I am at my ideal weight, I go to the beach now with my college and high school aged kids and I am just grateful for the time I still have with them. I go in the ocean because I really treasure each moment I have with. I spent too many years on the sidelines.

When I finally went in, I shocked myself because I felt the most happy I ever felt in years! It was so moving that I cried tears of joy! Well, I wish I looked as good as you in my swimsuit, but I am almost sixty and 50 pounds overweight. Does that keep me from wearing a swimsuit? I have a ball playing water games with my 6 grandchildren.

It encourages and inspires me! Definitely hit home with me. I have not only had a child but I have had 2 back surgeries. So this year I have been very subconscious of how I look, therefore not getting in the pool with my daughter. Thank you for your words. You are very right. I groan at the approach of Summer and hate reading articles about finding The Perfect Swimsuit because none of them help all of my problem areas!

Just the other day someone asked if I was expecting another baby! We went camping last week, and even though I felt self-conscious… I know my kids just want to have fun and my husband loves me for who I am so I sucked it up and squeezed myself into my too-tight swimsuit. I remember every single time my little brother and I went into water as a child, I would always LONG for my mom to come in and play with us.

We would beg her and beg her, but she would always refuse, because she was so insecure about being overweight. She was indeed about 80lbs overweight, so her fears were very real. But I just felt sad, because I loved my mom so much and wanted her to play with us. Now that I am an adult with two children of my own and a few extra pounds myself from two pregnancies very close together , I definitely understand where my mom was coming from and sympathize with her.

But I would like to just ask the ladies that read this—put the suit on for your kids! They just want to play with you. It is hard to try to get to a place where you step out in that swimsuit in spite of judgement, but it is so worth it. Your kids will always remember those times playing with you, I promise. Hello, I love this. I am sad to say I am a mom who just puts her feet in the water.

After having my first and only daughter I Have no embrace my new body very well. Everything I knew about my body has changed. If I really think about it I only gained 20 lbs with my daughter and was only lbs when she was born. I hope one day I will embrace my body and have confidence you women have in yours.

Thanks for the story it did hit home! My oldest and only son, died August 3, of cancer at 47 yrs old. His wife, 3 kids, another daughter and her child, are going to beach. We will have a good time, plus share stories and memories and shed tears of Stephen. I have gained weight since retiring and losing my son, but bought a bathing suit to wear. The beach we are going to, they have all been to before, but my first time at this one.

Looking forward to trip. There is no way to describe the pain one experiences when losing a child. My heart aches for you. Know that you are loved by many — if you ever need an ear to just listen, I am here. My personal email is dmpfromri yahoo. I have guttate psoriasis, spider and varicose veins in addition to the extra weight of carrying children. I wish I could someday prepare myself for the stares of strangers and put on that suit.

I live near the ocean, and wearing a dress to the beach is not fun. If I looked like you in a suit I would not even think twice about putting one on. Thanks for the good read. I just feel so far away from throwing caution to the wind in this area.

Thank you for refreshing my memory. Thank you for helping to conjure up those memories of joyful times with my children. They are grown and will be having children of their own in the near future and I want my grandchildren to remember how much fun their grandmother was and how confident and daring she was.

I WILL be all this for them and for me. At the ripe age of 40, I bought my first bikini. Do I look good in it?


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