The Best Fleece Jackets of 2018

Today, there are well over types of fleece jackets on the market catered to particular consumer wants and needs. From % recycled polyester fleeces to tactical fleece jackets to more stylish “sneaker” fleeces that suit a chilly night on the town.

The lightweight fleece inner is great at providing insulation and heat retention without being too bulky or cumbersome.

Fleece jackets are great for adding an extra layer of warmth under another coat or when it’s too cold to wear just a shirt. Although they can .
Here at GO Outdoors we’ve got a great range of men’s fleeces and midlayers designed to bridge that gap, and with fleece jackets and half zip pullovers to choose from you’ve got the perfect solution in our men’s clothing section so check them out and pick up a .
Today, there are well over types of fleece jackets on the market catered to particular consumer wants and needs. From % recycled polyester fleeces to tactical fleece jackets to more stylish “sneaker” fleeces that suit a chilly night on the town.
Fleece jackets are often made with a combination of synthetic and natural materials. The reason behind the invention of Polar fleece was to offer all the same benefits of wool but at only a fraction of the weight.
Today, there are well over types of fleece jackets on the market catered to particular consumer wants and needs. From % recycled polyester fleeces to tactical fleece jackets to more stylish “sneaker” fleeces that suit a chilly night on the town.
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Not only do we have the high quality ski fleece jackets, we offer them at a great price! Wear Summit Edge for outdoor, mountain, ski or hiking adventures. Alternatively, throw on a Summit Edge pullover for everyday casual wear.

The North Face Denali is a classic. The Denali is a heavier fleece that the two featured above, but certainly a bit warmer as well.

This is a well constructed, long lasting fleece which performs well for many different uses and environments. Expand to see more First off, this is a warm jacket, made of Polartec fleece. Though noticeably heavier, and a bit bulkier, than some others on our list, the Denali performs well with just about any adventure you can think of.

The bottom hem features zip cord adjustment to help block out the cold and keep the heat from escaping. Additionally, there are nylon overlays in different areas to reduce the effects from abrasions. The Denali comes in a lot of different color choices, and is even available in a hooded version. Warmth This is probably the warmest option on this list.

The Polartec fleece material is great for most cold environments, especially those where you tend to stay active and move around more. The high collar and zip cord adjustable bottom hem also help out a bit with keeping the warmth trapped inside the jacket. For even harsher elements, the Denali is compatible with some outer shells from The North Face. There are snaps on each cuff which are used to secure the jacket inside of a compatible outer shell.

However, these snaps are only meant to work with other products from this company. I have used this version as a stand-alone fleece jacket for a majority of the time, and was able to stay fairly warm in some pretty cold weather.

One feature that is a plus, some found as a bit of an irritation at times as well. The drawcord in the bottom hem tends to ride up when climbing, backpacking or other activities which required a lot of movement.

Also, this model seems to be a bit on the shorter side. When bending and reaching, the jacket tends to follow quite a bit, exposing the wearer. This fit much looser, and tends to get caught with backpack straps and interfere with movement and accessibility to you gear while loaded down.

However, the Denali jacket is an excellent choice for those hikes during the cooler seasons, as well as camping. Really, this one is a great choice for an everyday fleece to wear around during your daily errands. Durability It is pretty well constructed. This model features overlays made with a durable nylon material, which covers the shoulders, chest and elbows. This provides some added abrasion resistance to keep the jacket lasting longer.

Most people who have picked one of these up can tell you that it will last for quite a while. Some people wear them for years before finally giving into purchasing something new. The Rundown The Denali jacket from The North Face is a solid no nonsense fleece which is incredibly warm, built with quality and will last for quite a while. This jacket is really more suited for camping, day hiking and lower tempo functions.

It is also ideal for everyday casual wear. Very warm Polartec fleece Nylon overlays provide abrasion resistance Drawcord bottom hem helps to retain body heat Compatible with shells and other outerwear from TNF Available in a large amount of colors Durable construction.

A bit expensive A bit to bulky for sports like rock climbing or others which require a lot of movement. Made of thick polyester fleece and features a snap closure instead of a zipper, the Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover is designed to offer insulation and warmth while still providing decent breathability, which can be difficult to find in fleece jackets.

The snap closure keeps heat in and cold air out, as does the stand-up collar. The fleece itself is a mix of long-fiber standard fleece and raschel to provide warmth without looking too Muppet-like. The fleece is soft against your skin, and the fit is quite roomy and forgiving. The high collar is also loose-fitting as well, and the front opens enough that it doesn't feel constricting.

Sizes range from extra small to extra large, and this jacket fits true to size for the most part, though based on user reports the sleeves are a little on the short side. It's available in a wide range of colors as well, from black to pink and everything in between. It has that classic 's style without looking boxy and unflattering.

The snap closure is reinforced with nylon for extra durability, and the polyester material is designed to not shrink or fade in the wash. If you're looking for something that's warm and soft while reducing your environmental footprint to boot, the Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover is the way to go. It has a comfortable fit and comes in a wide range of color and size options.

Reinforced snap closure Breathable Wide range of colors. The Patagonia Better Sweater offers exceptional softness and warmth, while the Bluesign and Free Trade certifications mean you'll feel good about the positive impact your purchase is making.

The hand pockets are zippered to keep cold air out and keep your fingers from getting numb. In fact, you may not even feel the need for a base layer in colder temperatures, which can simplify your routine. With super-soft fleece, the Patagonia Better Sweater is designed to be so comfortable you'll want to wear it all the time.

The special dyeing process is designed to use less water and chemicals, making this great for those who are sensitive to dyes. Sizes range from small to 3XL, and it runs true to size. The overall fit is very classic and rustic; kind of makes you think of cozying up to a fire in a picturesque cabin. It also comes in a wide range of color options, so you'll be able to find something that suits you well.

Unlike other fleece jackets, the Patagonia Better Sweater is made to not pill after repeated washes, so it'll retain its fluffiness.

You'll find that this jacket is just as soft and fluffy after repeated washes as it is on the day you get it. The Patagonia Better Sweater is both Bluesign-approved and Fair Trade certified, you'll feel good knowing that your purchase makes a positive impact on both the environment and the workers who made the jackets.

This great fleece has multiple uses, wear it to ski as an under jacket, a hiking trip, or even as a casual stylish jacket. When your out camping, this is the jacket to slip on during a chilly evening while you are sitting by a nice campfire.

The cardigan-style jacket has stretch qualities but certainly not over stretchy, it comfortable and warmly hugs the body. If you like the comfort and warmth given by fleece you will certainly be happy with this lightweight fleece cardigan styled jacket. A clear cut nicely tailored design, this jacket is a solid performing cool weather jacket without the weighty bulk found in similar versions.

Expand to see more Warmth The jacket is cut to hug the body while allowing some flexibility and looseness, you have two choices on how to wear it. Because of its fleece mid weight construction it is not a jacket to wear on its own in extremely cold weather but it can be worn under another jacket in very cold conditions to provide an insulating double layer of warmth. For medium cold or less, the jacket is ideally comfortable and gives a fair degree of protection from the chill.

You get the warmth you require so long as you are selective about the types of weather conditions in which you wear it. If you choose to wear the jacket as a layer under another clothing item, the body hugging fit ensures that the materials will not ripple or bunch up and cause discomfort. Comfort Very comfortable fit, the design hugs the body while allowing a nice level of flexible body movement.

The full zip feature pulls up nice and high to keep in body warmth for your comfort and if you feel too warm you can use the zip feature to give the jacket ventilation capabilities, too warm then just adjust the zip to allow in more air, too cold and adjust to keep in body warmth. Stay comfortable and protected against moderate rain and chilly winds. If your carrying a backpack, this will sit well on the jacket without rubbing or shoulders strap movement due to the figure hugging contour of the jacket.

Fit This jacket is tailored to sit close to the body, tapering a little at the waist, the collar can be folded down or be put up and zipped for protection around the neck. Fit feels close but stretch factor is present which allows for flexibility. The sleeves are close fitting and the cuffs narrow down for a closer fit around the wrists.

Durability A durable product, fleece has good durability so long as the material is treated respectfully, the jacket is designed for durable longevity.

The Run Down A nice performance jacket with casual functionality as and when required, comes in at A clean cut design without frills or gimmicks and deserves to be seen as a good all purpose jacket for singular use or for wearing through layering for warmth and protection.

For the top all-around fleece on the market, we give the nod to the sleek Covert Cardigan from For everyday casual use it is comfortable and has a good style which is pleasing to the eye, however it is fine for hiking in upper cooler climates and will serve purpose for providing warmth and protection. Stretch factor is not as high as in similar fleece jacket models because the design is more for hugging close to the body which is why this fit style means the jacket can easily be worn as an under layer.

Stretch for flexibility is there for the wearer its just not as pronounced as in some other fleece jackets. To sum up, this jacket feels nice to wear, it looks very nice and its a good multi purpose fleece jacket.

In terms of cost it does cost a bit more than some other brands but you do get a sound investment. The Marmot Reactor is an inexpensive fleece for an adventurer who needs a warm mid-layer without any frilly extras.

This jacket steps in as an efficient lightweight fleece with very good breath-ability, you get a slim style which gives nice Body-Fit. Mostly designed for climbers but not restricted to use for a broad range of other outdoor activities. Take in our review for more specs on this very nice fleece jacket.

Expand to see more Warmth. This is a pretty light fleece compared to others on our list. But it's definitely not the lightest. For how lightweight it is, it might be surprising how warm it is. For the weight, it is an excellent insulator, great for cold mornings and thrown in your pack when it warms up it won't take up much space. Because of the surprising warmth and it's lightweight feel, this makes it an excellent mid-layer.

It will keep you warm without making you feel bulky. Because this is the lightest jacket on our list. It fits well, and won't make you feel bulky when layering. The only feature lacking is a hood.

No fleece is expected to hold up against heavy conditions like rain or snow because they are primarily meant to insulate. But, the Marmot Reactor fares better than most other jackets on our list when it comes to repelling mist and light rain. Anything more than that and you'll want to put on a hard shell or rain jacket. This is a really affordable fleece, especially compared to others on our list. The Marmot Reactor will keep you warm and save you some money for you to spend on more adventures.

Lightweight Easy to layer breathable drawstring hem. As a brand who mostly sticks to putting out performance geared outerwear, their Fortrez falls right in line. It really does have a sleek design that goes along with what you would expect to see from this brand.

Expand to see more The Fortrez is an ideal choice to layer with for alpine climbing. It features some great technologies such as their Hardface material, which will repel light rain. Like many newer models, this jacket is constructed with seams with flatlock stitching, which does make a big difference in comfort, especially when you have a bunch of gear hanging off of you.

There are two zippered hand warmer pockets, and one zippered chest pocket. And as a bonus, this jacket also looks good, making it ideal for everyday use, trips to the store, sports events, etc.

However, if you tend to stay active, the body heat retention is still really quite good. Even though there are options out there which offer thicker material and a bit more warmth, we feel like the Fortrez performs just as it was intended to. Perhaps this is best used as a level in your layering system. Comfort This fleece is actually really comfortable, with a very soft fleece lining.

The seams are flatlock stitched for reduced rubbing and discomfort, which is especially helpful when wearing a backpack or carrying extra gear. There were some who slightly annoyed with the sleeve seam that runs right down the center of the elbow however.

If you are looking for a softer, higher pile fleece, this is not the one for you. Although this is a comfortable jacket, it is designed more for function and performance, so not quite as soft as the R3 above. Fit Although this appears to be a tight fitting or slim jacket, it actually fit pretty comfortably. The non-bulky design does make it more useful when it comes to layering up.

If you size it correctly most should be able to fit a thinner base or mid layer underneath. The hood looks almost like a wetsuit for scuba diving, but that is a good feature, especially if you plan to pair with heavier hooded outerwear. The hood also seems to fit just right, not to obstruct peripheral vision too much, an issue found with many hooded jackets. One of the great things about this jacket is that it seems work really well for layering, without the problem of bunching up underneath, which is extremely annoying.

This makes it a perfect lining layer for a rain jacket. Durability This brand is known for quality products, as their outerwear is designed to stand up to a beating and keep taking more. The Fortrez is no exception. I think this one will last a while before the elbows start to give out.

Although it is thinner and slightly less warm than the Patagonia R3, the Fortrez provides things like protection from light rain showers and built in, stowable neck gaiter which also works to cover the face. And, if you do intend to use this jacket for layering, the fit and material is such that it moves very well underneath heavier layer without challenging your movement.

In fact, as many of us already know, wool actually absorbs water and requires a significant amount of time to dry.

Today, there are well over types of fleece jackets on the market catered to particular consumer wants and needs. Here are our picks for the 15 best fleece jackets out there.

Anyone looking for an excellent layering piece should consider this fleece jacket from Orvis, founded in in Vermont. Combining both the elegant hand of a knit sweater with the timeless insulating characteristics of fleece, this jacket functions perfectly as either a cold-weather layering item or an outer jacket on brisk fall mornings.

Bonobos offers excellent products and service to interested buyers across the country, and the Crosstown Fleece Bomber is no different. The Crosstown is made from luxuriously soft cotton in a more tailored fit than other options. California-based Iron and Resin produces tons of high-quality outdoor gear for a modest price point.

Made for the outdoors and versatile enough to get you through any change in the weather, the Imperial Hooded Fleece comes equipped with a water-resistant upper shell, a berber fleece lower shell and an adjustable hood with Henley pockets. Fresh out of Orange County, California, Roark Clothing basis its products around the endless pursuit of adventure and independence. Here, their Quarterman Fleece stands up to this litmus test.

Trail inspired, city slick. The J-Crew Summit Fleece looks like a sweater on the outside but maintains a warm fleece core on the inside to keep you warm as you navigate the concrete jungle.

The jacket also comes with several pockets both inside and out to keep your everyday carry at the ready. Cotopaxi, a company founded to create outdoor products that fund sustainable poverty alleviation around the world, offers plenty to the avid outdoorsman with their Sambaya Stretch Fleece. It features slightly longer sleeves and thumb-hole cuffs for smooth layering changes and plenty of pocket capabilities for just about anything packable.

Outdoor Research offers adventurers around the globe gear to help them facilitate their journeys. The majority of their product line concerns outerwear, and this is where we found the Starfire Hooded Fleece. Founded in Massachusetts in , Penfield knows how to deal with cold weather.

Their Carson Hooded Fleece is no different. As an ideal alternative to a heavier jacket in the fall, the Carson also functions as the perfect mid-layer to battle the harsh winter elements. Patagonia never ceases to remain relevant in the world of outdoor apparel. And with the Synthilla Fleece Pullover, they continue to impress. Since Sweden-based Fjallraven specialized in outdoor equipment, specifically clothing and rucksacks.

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Sep 18,  · The Best Fleece Jackets of By Matt Bento ⋅ Senior Review Editor. Monday May 14, Share this article: Out on the hunt for a new fleece jacket for this summer? After researching over 65 different models, we selected 14 of the top fleece for a rigorous side-by-side comparison. We wore these fleece on backcountry ski . Not only do we have the high quality ski fleece jackets, we offer them at a great price! Wear Summit Edge for outdoor, mountain, ski or hiking adventures. Alternatively, throw on a Summit Edge pullover for everyday casual wear. Fleece Jackets, and Sweatshirts At The Lowest Prices. Wholesale Shirts and Caps Takes pride in providing high quality embroidered shirts, caps, bags and other items at wholesale pricing to the public.